I love Tiny Zoo – Crossbreeding guide

This is a list of crossbreedable animals in Tiny Zoo and their results, which is based on my own experience and online research. I don’t have all of these animals because of limited zoo bucks, but one can always hope (maybe one day zoo bucks will be free or start to grow on trees) V(^__^)V. Pls also see here for my table of animals (including the crossbreeds) in Tiny Zoo and the amount of coins and XP they earn.


Parent 1 Parent 2 Result
African Elephant Black Bear Woolly Mammoth
African Elephant Harp Seal Elephant Seal
African Elephant Mr. Bones Skeleton Elephant
African Elephant Red Poison Dart Pink Elephant
African Elephant Wedding Dove Blue Elephant
Alligator Brontosaurus T-Rex
Alligator Iguana Galapagos Land Iguana
Alligator Tree Fairy Fairy Dragon
Alligator ? ?
American Bison Camel Bactrian Camel
American Bison Carribean Spiny Lobster Yeti Crab
American Bison Chimpanzee Satyr
American Bison White Poison Dart Albino Bison
Armadillo Giant Anteater Giant Armadillo
Baboon Mountain Gorilla Mandrill
Beach Ball Crab Blue Butterfly Sea Glass Starfish
Birthday Jack Rabbit Penguin Cupcake Penguin
Black Bear Koala Tasmanian Devil
Black Bear Lynx Sun Bear
Black Bear Tiny Ghost Ghostly Bear
Black Stallion Fire Dragon Flame Stallion
Blue Butterfly Chocolate Dove Chocolate Butterfly
Blue Butterfly Cockatoo Goliath Birdwing Butterfly
Blue Butterfly Frilled Lizard Flame Skimmer
Blue Butterfly Jack Rabbit Sugar Glider
Blue Butterfly Proboscis Monkey Harpy
Blue Butterfly Rainbow Peacock Rainbow Butterfly
Blue Butterfly Sandhill Crane Tree Fairy
Blue Butterfly Wedding Dove New Ring Butterfly
Blue Poison Dart Gibbon White Cheeked Gibbon
Blue Poison Dart Marsupial Frog Mimic Poison Dart Frog
Blue Poison Dart Musk Ox Blue Ox
Blue Poison Dart Sandhill Crane Salvin’s Curassow
Blue Whale Dolphin Beluga Whale
Bush Baby Great Horned Owl Owl Monkey
Camel Tiny Ghost Ghost Camel
Capybara Giant Anteater R.O.U.S.
Caribbean Spiny Lobster Red-footed Tortoise Island Tortoise
Celebration Ferret Confetti Bat Confetti Ferret
Chicken Great Blue Heron Black-crowned Night Heron
Chicken Komodo Dragon Cockatrice
Chimpanzee Gray Wolf Werewolf
Chimpanzee Mr. Bones Skeleton Chimp
Chimpanzee Mustang Centaur
Chimpanzee Tarantula Spider Monkey
Chocolate Dove Grizzly Bear Chocolate Bear
Chocolate Dove Pink Fairy Armadillo Chocolate Fairy
Chocolate Dove Tree Frog Chocolate Frog
Clover Bear Pink Fairy Armadillo Shamrock Fairy
Cockatoo Gray Wolf African Grey Parrot
Dinah Pink Fairy Armadillo Alice Fairy
Dolphin Eaglet Flying Fish
Dolphin Unicorn Narwhal
Emperor Tamarin Lion Golden Lion Tamarin
Fire Dragon Lion Fire Lion
Flamingo Mustang Saddle Billed Stork
Flamingo Sandhill Crane Ibis
Flower Sprite Pink Fairy Armadillo Garden Fairy
Gazelle Jack Rabbit Jackalope
Gazelle Koala Proboscis Monkey
Gazelle Moose Caribou
Gazelle Mountain Goat Goral
Giant Anteater Skunk Wolverine
Glow Seahorse Glow Worm Glow Sea Dragon
Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey Pygmy Hippo Pygmy Marmoset
Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey Squirrel Squirrel Monkey
Gouldian Finch Lorikeet Painted Bunting
Green Parakeet Hyacinth Macaw Blue Parakeet
Green Parakeet Owl Monkey Green Parakeet Monkey
Grey Pink Fairy Armadillo Space Cadet Fairy
Griffin Western Green Mamba Chimera
Grizzly Bear Wedding Dove Something Old Bear
Hammerhead Shark Tiger Tiger Shark
Hyena Pegasus Wolf Angel
Iguana Komodo Dragon Goanna
Iguana Python Anaconda
Iguana Red-footed Tortoise African Tortoise
Indian Rhino Komodo Dragon Western Green Mamba
Indian Rhino Red Poison Dart Horned Toad
Indian Rhino Tapir Baird’s Tapir
Indian Rhino White Poison Dart White Rhino
Jack Rabbit Musk Ox Flemish Giant Rabbit
Jack Rabbit Squirrel Chinchilla
Jack Rabbit Zombie Zombie Jack Rabbit
Kangaroo Koala Wallaroo
Kangaroo Ocelot Fossa
Kangaroo Peppermint Zebra Peppermint Kangaroo
King Cobra White Poison Dart Albino Cobra
Koala White Poison Dart Albino Koala
Koala Zombie Zombie Koala
Komodo Dragon Picasso Triggerfish Axolotl
Komodo Dragon Platypus Pangolin
Komodo Dragon Tiki God Lava Dragon
Liger Ocelot Jaguar
Lil’ Grim Reaper Pink Fairy Armadillo Succubus
Lion Mustang Przewalski’s Horse
Lion Tiger Liger
Lion Tiny Ghost Ghostly Lion
Lion Vulture Griffin
Magic Carpet Pink Fairy Armadillo Genie of the Lamp
Marbled Polecat Red Panda Genet
Moose Polar Bear Brown Bear
Mother Goose Pink Fairy Armadillo Goldilocks Fairy
Mountain Goat White Poison Dart Takin
Mr. Bones Penguin Skeleton Penguin
Mr. Bones Polar Bear Skeleton Polar Bear
Mule ? ?
Mule Zebra Zedonk
Musk Ox Mustang Big Horned Sheep
Musk Ox Welsh Pig Woolly Pig
Mustang Skunk Zebra
Mustang Zombie Zombie Mustang
Naked Mole Rat Peruvian Guinea Pig Skinny Guinea Pig
North Pole Penguin Pink Fairy Armadillo North Pole Fairy
Ocelot Vulture Californian Condor
Panda Bear Penguin Rock Hopper Penguin
Panda Bear Peppermint Zebra Peppermint Panda
Panda Bear Tiny Ghost Ghost Panda
Patriotic Bear Wild Mustang Yankee Doodle Pony
Peacock Swan Snowy Owl
Pegasus Rainbow Pony Rainbow Pegacorn
Pegasus Unicorn Magic Pegasus
Pegasus Welsh Pig Flying Pig
Penguin Peppermint Zebra Peppermint Penguin
Peppermint Zebra Rainbow Giraffe Peppermint Giraffe
Peppermint Zebra Tiger Peppermint Tiger
Phoenix Sea Serpent Aztec Fire Serpent
Phoenix Swift Fox Fire Fox
Pink Fairy Armadillo Rhinestone Turtle Bejewelled Fairy
Pink Fairy Armadillo Tye Dye Bear Flower Child Fairy
Polar Bear Swift Fox Arctic Fox
Rainbow Chameleon Red-footed Tortoise Rainbow Turtle
Rainbow Pony Unicorn Rainbow Unicorn
Red Poison Dart Sandhill Crane Red Crowned Crane
Sea Turtle Unicorn Albino Soft-shelled Turtle
Swift Fox Vampire Bat Little Red Flying Fox
Tiger Zombie Zombie Tiger
Water Fairy Wind Fairy Winter Fairy

Last updated on 6 Jan 2013
p.s.1 Thanks Jolyann8 for the Griffin update! 🙂
p.s.2 Thanks Eppasta for the Western Green Mamba update! 🙂
p.s.3 Thanks R4ever for the Albino Koala, African Grey Parrot, Elephant Seal, Island Tortoise, Pangolin, Rock Hopper Penguin, Satyr and Wallaroo updates! 🙂
p.s.4 Thanks Alex for the Blue Ox and Chimera updates! 🙂
p.s.5 Thanks Eddie for the Bactrian Camel, Caribou and Red Crowned Crane updates! 🙂
p.s.6 Thanks Haha for the Tiger Shark update! 🙂
p.s.7 Thanks Will for the Red Crowned Crane update! 🙂
p.s.8 Thanks maria for the Anaconda update! 🙂
p.s.9 Thanks Darryl for the Tasmanian Devil and Pink Elephant updates! 🙂
p.s.10 Thanks WandZMommy for the Przewalski’s Horse update! 🙂
p.s.11 Thanks Sarah for the Big Horned Sheep update! 🙂
p.s.12 Thanks HJE for the Flying Fish, Golden Lion Tamarin, Pygmy Marmoset, White Cheeked Gibbon and Squirrel Monkey updates! 🙂
p.s.13 Thanks NotSoTinyGuy for the Spider Monkey update! 🙂
p.s.14 Thanks Elise for the Albino Bison update! 🙂
p.s.15 Thanks Zoopalooza for the Albino Bison, Chinchilla, Takin and Yeti Crab updates! 🙂
p.s.16 Thanks pirossapi for the Golden Lion Tamarin update! 🙂
p.s.17 Thanks Kelly r for the Golden Lion Tamarin update! 🙂
p.s.18 Thanks Dienve for the Little Red Flying Fox update! 🙂
p.s.19 Thanks pixxi9696 for the Albino Soft-shelled Turtle and White Rhino updates! 🙂
p.s.20 Thanks x@y for the Brown Bear and Goliath Birdwing Butterfly updates! 🙂
p.s.21 Thanks IceAtlantis for the Condor, Saddle Billed Stork and Winter Fairy updates! 🙂
p.s.22 Thanks Sariah125 for the Albino Cobra update! 🙂
p.s.23 Thanks Alex gilmartin for the Aztec Fire Serpent, Fire Fox, Giant Armadillo, Skeleton Elephant, Woolly Pig, Zombie Jack Rabbit and Zombie Tiger updates! 🙂
p.s.24 Thanks ninjaturtlegurl5 for the Salvin’s Curassow update! 🙂
p.s.25 Thanks Kevin C. for the Giant Armadillo update! 🙂
p.s.26 Thanks Phil for the Skeleton Chimp update! 🙂
p.s.27 Thanks Nickazoo for the Skeleton Chimp update! 🙂
p.s.28 Thanks Declan Hamilton for the Ghostly Lion update! 🙂
p.s.29 Thanks BarnumPark for the Rainbow Turtle update! 🙂
p.s.30 Thanks Carol for the Black-crowned Night Heron update! 🙂
p.s.31 Thanks Loaferbird for the Painted Bunting and Blue Parakeet updates! 🙂
p.s.32 Thanks Noah, Bess2412 and Zoe for the Cockatrice update! 🙂

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216 thoughts on “I love Tiny Zoo – Crossbreeding guide

  1. Rachael

    Cool I found just what I was looking for but I wish their would be more crossbreed able animals

    • I’m sure there are. I don’t have all the animals (especially those requiring a lot of zoo bucks!) and I have seen some animals which are not available in the shops in other people’s zoos, so they probably got them through crossbreeding.

  2. Guest

    The tiger and vulture problably makes a griffin

  3. Eppasta

    Rhino and Komodo makes a western green mamba… Your list is very helpful! Thank you!

  4. will

    can you put how much they cost



  5. R4ever

    Chimpanzee American bison = satyr

  6. R4ever

    Kangaroo and Koala = Wallaroo

  7. Terra456

    I believe the blue poison dart with a musk ox equals

    A.Horny DEVIL
    B.African Horned FROG ( not horny toad)
    C. A mythical creature
    D.Or something that is unexpected

  8. Alex

    Griffin western green mamba= full griffin. The regular one doesn’t have the snake tail. 🙂

  9. will

    NO not you sian the man alex….. 🙂

  10. Alex

    Ok I’m sorry everyone I read about the full griffin thing on a different website- it’s not true. I actually did it and it’s turns out 2 be a Chimera! Dragon lion and something else. Sry for that:)

  11. Alex

    Ah ha! The blue poison dart and the Musk ox is a blue ox

  12. wicked dude…

  13. Heya i’m for the first time here. I found this board and I find It truly useful & it helped me out much. I hope to give something back and aid others like you helped me.

  14. Eddie

    Moose Gazelle = Caribou

  15. R4ever

    Grey Wolf + Cockatoo = African Grey Parro
    Harp Seal + African Elephant = Elephant Seal

  16. Eddie

    American Bison Camel = Bactrian Camel (2K 115XP every 2 days)

  17. R4ever

    Caribbean Spiny Lobster + Red-footed Tortoise = Island Tortoise

    • Cam

      Hi! Love this site! Am wondering, is this the tortoise on the beach with the palms and waves? Thanks!

  18. R4ever

    Panda Bear + Penguin = Rock Hopper Penguin
    Koala + White Poison Dart = Albino Koala
    Komodo Dragon + Platypus = Pangolin

  19. guest

    what does a hammerhead shark plus a tiger make

  20. ???

    visit becca0711, that zoo has bought loads of zoo bucks, its completed the fire collection!

  21. Haha

    Tiger hammerhead shark = tiger shark

  22. Eddie

    Sandhill Crane Red Poison Dart = Red Crowned Crane. $249,500. 3.5K 200 XP every 12h

    • ???

      do you know when it gets sick, mine will be ready at 3 in the morning, I don’t want to recover it!

      • I think it depends on how long it takes to breed the animal. The longer the breeding time, the more time you have before it either gets sick or run away.

    • Thanks again! I’m outside now so will update the table later 🙂

  23. Florence J

    An unknown crossbreed is missing: Alligator+Iguana for $3,000,000 in 1d12h. (now 50% off as $1,500,000)

  24. maria

    Iguana and Python = anaconda

  25. ???

    You get a Cherub (naked baby) by completing the Delicate Wings collection

  26. Will

    A red poison dart frog and sandhill crane make a red crowned crane

  27. Gingetta

    The Indian Pea Fowl is the present you recieve when you complete the Magical Animals collection. It’s a large blue bird with green plumage, but it dosent look like the one from the store. It’s actually quite pretty, I have one in my zoo.

  28. Darryl

    Koala and black bear is Tasmanian devil
    Elephant and red frog is apparently a pink elephant

  29. TinyHTC

    it cost alot does any1 know any free websites for free bucks

  30. WandZMommy

    Mustang Lion = Przewalski’s Horse. Yields 800 coins 46 xp every 12 hours.

  31. Alex


  32. JP

    How much does an African grey collect

  33. dhvdfhcd

    how much does the anaconda crossbreed collect?

  34. HJE

    How do I get a Manticore?

  35. Alex

    How much does bairds tapir collect coins/XP?

  36. JP

    How much does an island tortoise pay? Thanks in advance

  37. JP

    Great website

  38. Alex

    Ya I’m with HJE how do u get a manticore? They r tied with giant sloth for beastliness 🙂

  39. Peggy

    I have a goal to buy a dodo. Buy another dodo. Breed a dodo. No dodo to purchase in animal list and don’t see option to crossbreed to buy one. Anyone know how to reach the goal? Thanks

    • This happened to me previously. Do u already have dodos? And are they stored in your inventory? It’s likely that you already have four dodos in your inventory, and that’s probably why they are not appearing in your animal and crossbreeding lists. Maybe u can try checking your inventory and if the dodos are there, just take the dodos from your inventory and place them in your zoo, then u should get a goal accomplished message if u meet the set objective. Hope this helps!

  40. Peggy

    Scratch the dodo. I found him. Finally.

  41. Alex

    Ugh manticore? Any1?

  42. Simm

    MANTICORE?? How do u Get it

  43. simsm

    How do we get the Manticore yes?

  44. Peggy

    Thanks Life is Sian. Instead of choosing the animal icon I chose breed and found the dodo there. The dodo icon told me I already had one. Really? I had no memory of purchasing one. Now I await the end of the 5 day breeding incubation time.

  45. HJE

    I am cross breeding a gibbon and a blue poison dart now. I’ll let you know what it creates tomorrow.

  46. Florence J

    What animal do Tarantula and Chimpanzee crossbreed? It takes 1d for $24,999,000 coins. (Though I don’t expect to breed this kind, which is unbelievably expensive.)

  47. Sarah

    Musk Ox + Mustang = Big Horned Sheep 😉

  48. HJE

    Gibbon + Blue Poision Dart = White Cheeked Gibbon (a bluish gibbon with white face in the new Galapagos Land Iguana enclosure). 6k + 345 XP in 1d 7h

  49. NotSoTinyGuy

    I believe Chimpanzee Tarantula will = Spider Monkey. Will let you know tomorrow.

  50. HJE

    I am currently breeding the Golden Snub-Nose Monkey with the Pygmy Hippo and the Emperor Tamarin with the Lion. I’ll let you know what turns up.

  51. NotSoTinyGuy

    Chimpanzee Tarantula = Spider Monkey. 
    18K 1.035K XP in 1d 01h

  52. NotSoTinyGuy

    Chimpanzee and Tarantula = Spider Monkey. 
    18K and 1.035K XP in 1d 01h

  53. Alex

    For real I need a manticore PLEEEEEEEASE someone tell me how 2 get one

  54. HJE

    Golden Snub-Nose Monkey + Pygmy Hippo = Pygmy Marmoset 3k coins and 170 XP in 1 day (I think on the one day.)

    Still waiting on on the Tamarin/Lion combo.

    • Thanks! Will update the table later 🙂 Just completed the bush baby and great horned owl crossbreeding, it’s an owl monkey! It gives 25k and 1.43k xp in 1d 11h.

      • crocosaurus

        Are you sure it’s not 1d12h? The counter does not show when it takes more than 1 day, so time to collect could in this case be 1 day, 11 hours and 59 minutes…

      • Yup, it’s 1d 12h, have amended the table, thanks!

      • NewZoo

        do you know how much it costs to cross breed the bush baby and a horned owl??
        Also, how much does it cost to cross the lion and tamarin?

      • Hi, it takes 9 mil coins for the bush baby and great horned owl. Not sure about the lion-tamarin combi as I don’t have the tamarin.

  55. aaronthebaron

    Doesnt sound worth it to crossbreed the new combos hor…. the return is less than 1k per animal per hour…. lol

  56. Charlene

    I’m at the task of buying an armadillo and that animal is not in the list, how do I get one? I bought a pink fairy armadillo but it’s not what I needed to complete my task! Please help, thanks Charlene

  57. patricia smith

    Can anyone tell me how long it takes to breed spiny lobsters, king cobras, and great horned owls? Thank you so much for your help.

  58. J

    Anyone know what the tamarin and lion make? I’m hoping it’s a golden lion tamarin. Would make sense.

    Can anyone confirm? If so, how much did it cost to breed?

  59. Elise

    American Bison + White Poison Dart = Albino Bison! it collects 1K coins and 55 XP every 14 hours!

  60. Zoopalooza

    Hey guys, golden snub-nosed monkey squirrel=chinchilla!

    Add me:zoopalooza 🙂 still a work in progress

  61. Zoopalooza

    Also, bison white dart= albino bison 🙂

  62. Zoopalooza

    Bison Spiny lobster= yeti crab!

  63. Zoopalooza

    Mountain goat white dart= takin! (looks like a fluffy mountain goat and has snow habitat

  64. Kelly r

    Lion and emperor tamarin makes golden lion tamarin

  65. HJE

    Yep, Emperor Tamarin + Lion = Golden Lion Tamarin. I can’t remember what it costs to breed. The Golden Lion Tamarin brings 3.5K coins + 200XP every 12h.

  66. Dienve

    Swift Fox + Vampire Bat = Little Red Flying Fox

  67. zoo safari

    What an incredible site! Thank you so much for the help. I hope I can repay by adding some crossbreeds of my own, although I am just getting started with my zoo. Does anyone have a table of times for breeding in the nest and in the lab? I keep tying up my nest for days at a time, or missing out on a baby animal because it hatches while I am in class. If I could plan better I could improve my zoo faster.

    • Sarel

      It sucks to lose animals!

      When you go back into your nests, it will tell you how much longer until the animal is ready. If you tap on the nest, it will also show you which animal you are breeding.

      It helps me to set a reminder in my phone so I know when an animal is ready. Hope that helps!

  68. Sarel

    Hate to ask, but is it possible to ha e the costs of the breeds or at least I’d they cost coins or zoo bucks?

    I just bought a vulture to make a griffin, based on the $$ a griffin makes (from the table of animals chart) Come to find out it costs 99 zoo bucks to breed 😥

    Too bad we can’t sell animals or undo expansions…

  69. HJE

    Golden snub nose monkey (I think) + squirrel = squirrel monkey. I say “I think” because I believe that is the monkey I used but it’s whatever monkey breed crosses with a squirrel. It breeds in 30 seconds and the family of four produces over 100k coins. I will have to do the actual math and post later.

  70. HJE

    Squirrel monkey family of 4 brings 101.2 k coins and 5.06xp every 1 day

    • NewZoo

      how much does it cost to cross breed the squirrel and the golden monkey thing?? sounds quite tempting

    • Thanks! For the xp, you meant 5.06k?

      Gosh, how many zoo bucks did u spend? I see it’s 499 bucks to crossbreed one!

  71. Roger Teddybear


    I recently got a new phone and emailed the tiny zoo staff about transferring my account. Does anyone know how long this might take and whether the timer in the game will be running during this period. I can’t wait to see my zoo again and I would very much appreciate any feedback.

    Thank you so much for your help!

  72. HJE

    Yes, 5.06k xp. Sorry about that!

  73. name

    Polar Bear + Moose = Brown Bear

  74. HJE

    I’m breeding the dolphin and the eaglet right now. I’m very curious as to what it could be.

  75. HJE

    Dolphin + Eaglet=Flying Fish It yields 25k and 1.25k XP every 1d12h

  76. Aidiel

    Ocelot and vulture = ????….I’m very curious…

  77. HJE

    I’m breeding the Ocelot and Vulture now…I will let you know!

  78. Fuschiazoo

    Thanks so much for publishing this info, it’s really useful, I check it b4 I do any crossbreeding. I would like to visit your zoo (lifeissian) to see your collection what is your ID?

  79. NewZoo

    Before I buy myself a lynx, does anyone know how much it costs tocross a black bear and a lynx and how much it costs to breed the sun bear that it produces???

    • I think it takes 610,000 coins to crossbreed the black bear and lynx, and the same amount to breed the sun bear. I have four sun bears so they probably cost coins. I really don’t think I would have spent zoo bucks to breed all four! But maybe wait and see what others say.

      • NewZoo

        How much do you get back for family of 4 ? I thought a sun bear was meant to be a big earner???

      • I think it’s not bad, 84,870 coins and 4,500 xp every 12 hrs.

  80. IceAtlantis

    Flamingo + Mustang = Saddle billed stork
    Water fairy + Wind fairy = Winter fairy
    Ocelot + Vulture = Condor

  81. jt

    can u add a new column to the crossbreed chart? cost – and specify if coins or bucks. thanks!

  82. Sariah125

    The king cobra and the white poison dart make the albino cobra.

    Is there any confirmation that the cockatoo and the blue butterfly make a hummingbird?

  83. Alex gilmartin

    Mr grizzly
    Welsh pig+musk ox=wild boar

  84. ninjaturtlegurl5

    Blue Poison Dart + Sandhill Crane = Salvin’s Curassow. It costs 4,499,000 to crossbreed and takes 12 hours.

  85. elsa

    do you have a list of the coin results on the crossbreedable animals? ie; i have a giant sloths that give me 621k every 1 day.

  86. name

    Blue Butterfly + Cockatoo = Goliath Birdwing Butterfly
    21.7k + 1.245k XP every 24 hours

  87. Alex gilmartin

    Do bush vipers actually crossbreed

  88. Kevin C.

    armadillo + giant anteater = giant armadillo
    21.7k + 1.245k xp in 28 hrs or 1 day 4hrs

  89. Alex gilmartin

    Sorry I meant wooly pig

  90. Alex gilmartin

    Anteater+armadillo=giant armadillo
    Phoenix+sea serpent=Aztec fire serpent
    Phoenix+swift fox=fire fox
    Mr bones+elephant=skeleton elephant
    Zombie+jackrabbit=zombie jackrabbit

  91. Can you tell me how profitable Condor (Ocelot + Vulture) is? :D. I see a big deal by 6.5m to crossbreeding Ocelot and Vulture but not sure about the result!
    Thank you

  92. Alex gilmartin

    Zombie koala
    31.7k coins and 1.8k xp every 1D11H

    Zombie jackrabbit gets 795xp every 16h
    ForGot coin amount

  93. Alex gilmartin

    Woolly pig
    Instead of wild boar
    Wild boar was what my friend told me

  94. Phil

    Chimp and mr bones makes a skeleton chimp

  95. Nickazoo

    Mr. Bones + Chimpanzee = Skeleton Chimp ($599,000 Coins)

  96. Alex gilmartin

    Ghostly bear and ghostly lion

  97. Declan Hamilton

    Can anyone tell me how to get a American Alligator and add me decomon1 plzzzz tell me

  98. Declan Hamilton

    Ghost + Lion=Ghostly Lion

  99. Ccccxxx

    Why is it that my family of giant sloths makes 621k but my friends family make 19.32k they both take 1 day and 12 hours to get money.By the way he instant finished breeding his family

    • aaronthebaron

      He probably started his game later…. same as my wife. she started in oct 2011, and the payout is what ur fren is getting.

  100. aaronthebaron

    hello guys….. what is the payout for Salvin’s Curassow? thanks!

  101. Alex gilmartin

    Rainbow pony+Pegasus=rainbow pegacorn
    Rainbow pony+unicorn=rainbow unicorn

  102. Alex gilmartin

    Elephant+mr bones=skeleton elephant

    Tiger+zombie=zombie tiger
    600xp every 1 day 2 hours

  103. Booksnhorses

    Peppermint zebra + Rainbow Giraffe = Peppermint Giraffe in funky enclosure

  104. Nessa

    Could u add their Coin collection and exp. Rates and info??

  105. Roo

    Peppermint Giraffe is so cute!!

  106. Elsa

    What do you need to crossbreed an American alligator ?

  107. how do u get galapogas turtle????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):):)::):):):):):)

  108. BarnumPark

    Rainbow Chameleon + Red-footed Tortoise = Rainbow Turtle

    • Thank you so much for the update! I am totally running out of zoo bucks, so really appreciate tips from other Tiny Zoo players 🙂

  109. Carol Henderson

    Crossbreed a chicken with a great blue heron to get a black crowned night heron

  110. Farmer Cindy

    Anyone know if Is it worth breeding ocelot and vulture fro 6,999,000? How many coins do you get? Thanks!

    • Hi, you get the Californian Condor from crossbreeding the ocelot and vulture, which gives you 26,000 coins and 1,495 xp in 1d 12h. Hope this helps!

  111. Loaferbird

    Gouldian Finch Lorikeet = Painted Bunting
    Green Parakeet Hyacinth Macaw = Blue Parakeet

  112. Noah

    Chicken + Komodo Dragon= Cockatrice. Had to find out the hard way, but i’m very pleased with the outcome 🙂

  113. Bess2412

    Chicken + komodo dragon = cockatrice

  114. Audio Scars

    How do you get the vampire bat? Its not on my list.

  115. Zoe

    Crossbreed the chicken and the Komodo Dragon to get a Cockatrice.
    Pretty neat little habitat too! like a dungeon floor with skulls and a grate.

  116. Zoe

    Hello again,
    What’s the hybrid, when you cross the marsupial frog with the blue poison dart frog?

  117. Justin

    What do u crossbreed to get the rainbow chameleon?

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